Welcome to Frans Commelin ART

I'm a painter living in the Netherlands.

In my work i let colour tell the story.

My works are in oilpaint, acrylics, watercolour, oil pastels, soft pastels etc. Often i use mixed techniques and mixed materials.

Themes are still life, land- and cityscape, ,portrait, manscape, spirituality (modern icons).

This website presents a selection of my works.

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Frans Commelin ART


travelsketch added of the beautiful dutch landscape in may

28/05/2019 19:04

Still live and a portrait added today

22/05/2019 18:32

2 landscapes added

14/05/2019 18:20

life-drawing added

07/04/2019 18:12

a new portrait and a madonna inspired by cherry blossom

02/04/2019 18:30

and a spring sketch added

19/03/2019 19:28

new life-drawings added

18/03/2019 19:12

my recent travelsketch

08/03/2019 15:05
Almere-strand under mist

a portrait and two travelsketches added

27/02/2019 18:25
  Oostvaarders   A big happening over...

travelsketch -Jordaan Amsterdam

13/02/2019 20:34
    Amsterdam - Jordaan
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