choice out of exhibitions : 
2022 Forma Aktua Groningen
2021 De Portiersloge Groningen
2021 Pictura Groningen
2020 Forma Aktua Groningen
2020 Pictura Groningen
2015 Sidac Studio Leiden
2015 de Oostermarke Emmen
2012 Het Paleis Groningen
2007 Gallery Nora de Klein Groningen
2006 Coachhouse Roden
Included in the documentation at the RKD
(the governmental office for art history)


Born in 1959 in Emmen I went to study in Groningen.

There I was taught by artists like Diek Boerman and Tineke Bouma.

I'm working from home and also participate in a portraitgroup

and a life drawing group.

From 1999 on I have exhibitions, art fairs.

My style combines the figurative and the abstract.